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Monday, January 28, 2008

Winery Wedding

The winery wedding is a fun and classic theme. We've mentioned before that purple is a hot and happening hue for upcoming weddings. The winery wedding is a perfect opportunity to let shades of grape dress the event. Check out Pottery Barn for new corky products.

Invites by Kate Spade
Cake by Publix
Cork Candles from Uncommon Goods
Other Images from Brides

I love, love, love wisteria. It is so gorgeous and enchanting. It is a perfect natural addition to a winery wedding. It blooms in the spring so plan accordingly.

Fab Find of the Day
What lovely objects of desire. I'll take one...or two or three of everything!
Here are some of my faves.


eclecticentertaining said...

love this post!

Danisa Flowers said...

Wow weddings are so beautiful. It's the most precious moment for the couple in celebration of their love and happiness. I loved the Kate Spade invites and the cake.