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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Platinum Power

Combining two hot hues, olive and platinum are a dynamite duo.
Favorite Things: What a fabulous tent!!! The decor goes beyond your basic fabric liner and is truly a brand new space. The chandeliers are gorgeous without being ostentatious. Clearly, to customize the tent to the palette, there would need to be a focus on the olive hue, but it should stay clean.
The platinum suit!
Crystal embellishments in the bouquet. Look for a local jewelry maker who can create crystal embellishments appropriate for your style.
Credit Where Credit is Due:
Olive Dresses by David's Bridal.
Other images from Brides magazine.

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elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hi! oh wow, i'm so glad you commented so that i could find your site! great board on green and gray - i'm off to surf the rest now!

and, you're linked on our blog love page!