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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fancy Fruits

Yummy combo of raspberry and tangerine. A great color combo for early fall or late spring or even summer depending on your details.
A deep shade of raspberry as pictured in the primary dress photo makes the combo fall ready. Lighter hues of raspberry are appropriate for spring and summer.
The strawberry shortcake in the picture makes this a summer delight. Add some orange slices and you're totally in your palette!
The butterfly motif throughout this board is just plain fanciful. I imagined the butterflies hanging from the ceiling of the reception site or in a tent.
The flower girls also have butterflies in their hair. Too cute.
Remaining in the fruit motif, check out the adorable little pots of raspberry sorbet. If you're looking for something not so "wedding cake-ish" the pairing of the fruity desserts pictured here are a delightful change of pace.
Perfect location? A butterfly garden of course!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
Flowers found in J.Crew
Sorbet containers from Vivre
Flower Sachets from L'Artisan Parfumiere
All other images from Brides

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