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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Pic's Worth a 1,000 Words...or More!

If you're like me you have what seems like millions of pics stored away in your camera or somewhere in cyberspace. So, what to do with all these captured moments? I took some creative license with articles found at and made them event friendly.

Personalized Tote Bag-Need a BM gift? Why not create your special gal a tote that's perfectly "them?" It's easier than you think. If you're having a summer wedding, find a pic of you and your bud sporting bathing suits or lounging poolside. Upload or scan the pic, use BASIC editing software to doll it up. Print on transfer paper. Transfer the image to a canvas tote per the manufacturer's instructions. Voila! Fill the bag with summer goodies-beachy books and magazines, sunscreen, lip balm, beach towel, list of recommended summer tunes, recipes for tropical drinks. Don't forget a personalized note expressing your gratitude and affection for your BM. Easy to switch up this project so that it matches the personality of each of your BMs. Got a green friend? Create her a shopping bag to avoid the unnecessary use of paper and plastic bags. Got an exercise addict? Make her a cutie gym bag to sport.

Need something in addition to or in place of the photo? Try a patch. We found some cute ones at the following sites:
Patches for Your Sweet Tooth
Cravin' Sushi? Scroll down on this page to locate three rolls!
Don't forget to peruse EBay for vintage finds!

Favors That Stick
Create magnets from bottle caps for favors to your guests. These are great for casual events like backyard weddings. Scan or upload your pic and print on labels (see instructions provided by label maker) that will fit inside the etched edges of the bottle cap. Attach a small, flat magnet with strong glue to the backside of the bottle cap.

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