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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hot Fetes to Host in '08

Viva Las Vegas-Recent research has shown that poker is number three on the list of most televised sports and everyone is watching. This trend is an event dream come true. There are so many ways to incorporate this phenomena into a fantastic party. Go Vegas! Throw a fete that is Sin City themed from shi-shi apps and cocktails to a showgirl...well, show! Also, host a poker night for gals, guys, pals, couples, or as a neigborhood meet and greet. For both of these types of events, there are tons of themed off the shelf products for you to incorporate, but be sure to let the creative juices flow and make it as personalized as possible. How about personalized playing cards?
Swap Anything and Everything Soiree-Going green can play out in many ways. One of those is recycling all that we can. So, gather folks and let the swapping begin. Swap clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods, recipes, name it, you can swap it.

SuperHero Shindig-SuperHeroes are hot. Have your guests dress up in their favorite SuperHero costumes. Have Super Hero movies rolling in the background and soundtracks to play. Spiderman III was all the rage in 07 but there will be new faves in 08 including The Incredible Hulk.
80's Themed Prom-Pull out the taffeta, hairspray, and carnation corsages! Get your ipod filled with 80's tunes and let the totally awesome time begin.
Political Party-Pun intended. Poke fun at politics this year. Have your guests dress as political figures past, present, and possibly future. Stage mini debates on silly topics such as boxers vs. briefs or favorite ice cream flavors. Keep it light! Enjoy the humor your guests will bring as they come up with creative ideas regarding their politician.
Gang Green-Host an organic and earth friendly fete to share ideas and products for going green.
Sweet Charity-Even though the holiday season has officially ended (sad), charity should not. Adopt a family/charity/cause anytime of the year. Use to invite guests and ask them to bring something for your charity whether it be cash, gift cards, or specific items needed. It will make you, your guests, and your cause joyful throughout the year. Last year I hosted a gathering of undergarments for my favorite local cause The Charlotte Rescue Mission. My girlfriends brought men and women's undies in all sizes. Thanks girls!!

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Suzy said...

Looking forward to incorporating these tips into some '08 festivities. Happy New Year and thanks!