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Monday, February 4, 2008

Fun Flea Finds

One of my favorite things to do is to scour the local flea market on a gorgeous day. I haven't made enough time lately to do such things but splurged this weekend and spent Sunday afternoon browsing booths beneath the sun and sky.
I love feeling like I own a piece of history and can store it in my house or even use it in an event. I also love sipping huge cups of sweet tea and noshing on the best bar-b-q in the south while weaving in and out of my favorite dealers and booths.

Sunday proved to be a successful trip. Check out these fun finds!

A little birdie told me that I must have this here sign. It may be serving as focal point for an upcoming inspiration board!!

I love this school house style desk. This one was ten buckaroos! It serves as a very cool end table plus seating! A two in one! Also, my son actually finds doing homework here a bit more exciting!
What a cutie side table! It was a must (and a lust).

1 comment:

ievute said...

what a fun polka dotted table!!! gorgeous find!