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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fashion Week

It's fall fashion week. Fun. Though I'm not big on women who don't eat on a normal basis (and by normal I mean like 6 six times a day and 3 of those meals should be sugar ladened), I do like fashion week for a few reasons:
1. male models (my hubby could be one if he weren't a physician which is why I can say that!! MWAH, Honey).
2. celebs (I think it's funny that they go to these shows, yet have stylists who will dress them for the important events anyways and then when they do dress themselves they wear oddly printed, ill-fitting t-shirts, sunglasses, and dull scarves no matter the season).
3. inspiration (I find runway outfits to be better inspiration for events than for my day to day duds.
Here's a great place to get the downlow (do people still say that?) from the week.
NY Mag

I'm liking this for a party pallete!

1 comment:

jess said...

this photo looks like so many of the inspiration boards ive seen the last few weeks. gray is definitely popular. it's really not as drab as people think, is it.