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Monday, December 24, 2007

Eve of Excitement

One of our favorite blurbs is "Christmas Eve Forever"! Christmas Eve (CE) is the perfect day; it is preggers with excitement and possibility. Everyone loves the day before Christmas. So, AIR was thinking about ways to make the pre-xmas magic last throughout the year. What are the ingredients that make CE so special?


So, we are collecting ways to recreate CE for all events. Some of the the things we have come up with thus far:
  • Begin creating anticipation for your event way in advance (we look forward to Christmas for a whole year!)
  • Rack your brain and the brains of all your pals to come up with as many possibilities for you event that you possibly can. Throw a themed brainstorming par-tay for your buds and your event designer and get the creative juices flowing!

Hope your Christmas season was as magical as can be! Christmas Eve Forever!!!

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