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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Cheer

As we prepare for a new year, we are thinking of ways that we can celebrate family and friends not only at Christmas but througout the year. If you are like us, Christmas can get hectic when you try and show all the folks you love just how much you love them all in a few days! So we are compiling a list of ways to spread Christmas cheer 12 months a year! Make it a priority to do something nice for a loved one. Put it on your calendar if you must. Try doing something once a month to get you going. It will become a habit...a good one! Woo Hoo!
  • Presents For No Reason-Think thoughtful not expensive-I just purchased a three dollar mug for my Bestest that I know she will love.
  • Snail Mail-For no reason!!!-Thinking of You cards are the best!
  • Girls/Guys Nights-Tthink in instead of out-it is much easier to catch up when you don't have to yell over crowd noise.
  • Mini-Scrapbooks-Last summer my family went on a cruise together and I made a mini- scrapbook for my parents to commemerate the event. They loved it!
  • Online Slideshows-Create a slideshow for a loved one and share it with them. It is quick and easy and lets them know you are thinking of them. I like but there are tons of great ones out there.
  • Supper Clubs-There are many ways to set these up but start simply and invite your close friends over to share their favorite recipes, libations, and latest news. Try themeing each night (Italian or Morocan) to keep the food choices grooving together.

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