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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lush of the Irish

Southern Living is one of my favorite places to go for down home inspiration.
This month they are showcasing some great recipes that pair delightfully with beers to boot.
Bottoms Up: Patty's Day Inspired Dinners

St. Patty's Party Tips:

Uh...wear green
Have a beer bar with high end or creative beers
Have classic/inexpensive beers on hand to bolster your supply
Make taste testing fun with blindfolds and offbeat brewskies
Serve Irish inspired foodies (check out the Southern Living link for ideas)
Have green favors for your guests to spread the Irish spirit: glasses, beads, buttons, hair accessories, bracelets, themed t-shirts (Kiss Me I'm American???)
Play Irish themed movies in the background
Do NOT dye everything green. It's just weird.

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