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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Pinks and greens are a classic and natural spring and summer combo. Making the palette personal is what will make it shine. The flower balls hanging from the trees are just gorgeous. Check out the funky bouquet. I'd add a green ribbon to "tie" it all together.
Loving the idea of the curtained cereomony area. Also, the hanging flower motif can be intertwined here as well.
Get your groom to wear pink! It is so hip and hot!!!
Second wedding, out of the ordinary bride? Wear a pink dress! I love the pink princess shown here. It is stunning and sweet.

For more colored dresses, click here!

The canopy is courtesy of the Bridal Guide..
Pink and green garden-inspired dresses from The Knot.
Other images from Brides

Daily Candy posted a great little piece about Live Wire Farm. As part of our Go Green campaign we've touted the wearing of wood rings. Check these out by Live Wire Farm. Guess what? They are only 30 bucks! Sounds like a great V-Day gift.

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