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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bride on a Budget Part Trois

Okay, here is part three! Today we're tackling apparel for you and your girls. The truth is you CAN get a financially fit dress that is fantastic.
Check out David's Bridal. It is a super popular place to find affordable knock-offs. My favorite finds at David's are their dresses for bridesmaids.
The trick is to find what you are looking for before you go into a inexpensive dress shop. Stalk mags and sites before you actually go to purchase your apparel. If you have a style in mind, you will be less overwhelmed once you enter the shop and you will be more focused on finding a dress that is like the ones you have in mind. Know that you won't find exact replicas, but you will be able to get dresses that fit your budget and the look you are going through.
Not all knock offs are a good buy. One thing to be cognizant of is the fabric that is used. Be sure that the fabric looks luxe even if you are getting it for less. Don't opt for dresses that look cheap inexpensive.

J.Crew also has affordable wedding dresses for the bride. Most of the dresses that catch my attention from J.Crew remind me of beachy destination weddings or day-time affairs. This dress from J. Crew is listed at 225.00 buck-a-roos!!! It is also availble in petite sizes for our pint sized brides! You can never go wrong with the classic style and quality products that J.Crew offers.
We've mentioned Target before bridesmaid dresses, but they also have great deals on gloves, veils, and other accesories for you and your wedding party.

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