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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bride on a Budget Part Quatre

Hey kids! More sites for those brides who are looking to stretch their wedding moolah!

Ann Taylor has a classicly beautiful collection of party wear. I've seen the frocks in person and the quality is great for the price you pay and the price per wear.

Jessica McClintock carries a variety of dresses as well which range from funky to elegant. The prices are very afforadble. I love this black and white from JMc. It is romantic, vintage-inspired, and cutting edge. The best part about it???? It is $425.00! That is in the budget!

FYI...Price Per Wear: Divide the cost of the garment by the number of times you estimate you will wear the piece.
For example:
A ten dollar vintage scarf from a consignment store
You guess you will wear it ten times over the course of the winter season.
The price per wear is one dollar. That's a steal.


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