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Monday, January 7, 2008

An Apple a Day

Being an addict of immediate gratification, I forged my old school ways, and created this inspiration and creation board online (hold your applause). My bonus daughter brought my red throw from downstairs and threw it onto my black, white, and apple green bed. I have dark oak furniture with black accents. Suddenly my room went from good to great. The red made the room. Thanks to my Punkin' for her decorating assistance. I'm in love with this red, brown, and green combo.
Thanks to:
Bouquet from Sage Painted Bouquets
Bridesmaid Dress and Flower Girl shoes from J.Crew.
Invite from Wedding Paper Divas.
Apples, Barn, Pine cones, Chocolate all stock images.
Do Me A Favor:
Why not give away an apple for a late night snack...or for those of us who forgo fruit for something more dangerous, chocolates are a perfect sweet ending to an event.
Inspired Ideas:
Fruit makes for gorgeous centerpieces or anywhere decor. For this event, I would go with rustic wooden buckets full of both green and red apples. This is a great cost-saver...especially if they are then used as thank you favors.


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