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Thursday, December 20, 2007


A winter wedding! For those brides who are die hard warm weather wedding kind of gals, you might be swayed had you witnessed the winter wedding held at St. Mary's Chapel last weekend. The chapel itself is over 100 years old and was founded on property that housed one of Charlotte's primary orphanages. The chapel holds 100 guests; it is quaint and cozy!
We decorated with candles that gave off a warm, vanilla scent that faintly filled the room. The guests were greeted with handmade,
black and white programs. Waiting for the guests on the pews were candy canes and the words to a classic hymn that they would sing later in the ceremony. The entire ceremony was adorable, personal, and truly meaningful to the bride and groom. Tears were flowing!! The reception was held at the newly renovated Palmer Building. It is also a Charlotte gem as it was once upon a time a fire school! The floors are gorgeous and the fireplace was a hit for those who wanted to snuggle up. Post-reception, a few dedicated guests accompanied the newlyweds to a nearby watering hole, Jackelope Jack's for late night karaoke! Good times!
Who's in the pic? The FG and the MOH!

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